Staff & Support


(L-R) Megan Sims, Janette Friesen, Gerri Reimer, Marshela Adolfson, Audrey Flowers, Elsie Blatz, Cheryle Shelton


Audrey Flowers – Director/Head Librarian
Marshela Adolfson – Interlibrary Loan/Cataloging
Janette Friesen – Clerk
Gerri Reimer – Children’s Librarian
Cheryle Shelton – Assistant Clerk
Elsie Blatz & Megan Sims – Summer Pages

Board of Trustees

Craig Stratton – President
Crys Ackerman – Vice President
Tawny Stapleton – Secretary
Liberty Valance – Treasurer
Doug Scribner
Jatiece Vieux
Debra Carpente

Meade Library Foundation

Elaine Post – President
Donna Spencer – Secretary/Treasurer
Nelda Carlile
Lenita Fast
All Board of Trustees are members of the Foundation.

Friends of the Library

Rick Burdge – President
– Vice President
 – Secretary
Marshan Padgett – Treasurer

We are a member of the Southwest Kansas Library System

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