Vietnam Veteran to Speak at Meade Public Library

Larry Burke, a professor at Dodge City Community College, will speak at the Meade Public Library Community Room on Wednesday, January 30, at 2:00 p.m.

Mr. Burke will give a brief overview of the Vietnam War and discuss the various interpretations of this controversial conflict.  He will give some of his personal experiences and views.  He will also get into aspects of what he refers to as the psychology of war and will also go over the significance of Tet.
Here are some facts about Larry Burke:
–  Grew up in Dodge City and graduated from high school in 1957.
–  Graduated from K.U. in January 1962 with a B.A. in History.
–  Was in Army ROTC, named a Distinguished Military Graduate, and accepted a Regular Army commission

–  Married his wife Sonja in February 1962, and their first duty station was in Hawaii for three years.
–  Received orders for Vietnam in May 1966 – served there during 1966-1967 with the First Infantry Division as a rifle company commander and staff officer – was awarded the Combat Infantryman’s  Badge, the Bronze Star for heroism, the Commendation Medal for heroism, and six Air Medals for his service.

–  Ended active Army career in August 1968 and returned to Dodge City to join the family business.
–  Taught part-time until 1986 when he accepted a full-time teaching position at DCCC, teaching Survey of Western Civilization, American History, Civil War History, and History of the Vietnam War
–  Received the Distinguished Faculty Award in 2000.  Retired in 2008, continues to teach part-time.
–  He has received an M.A. in History from Fort Hays State University
–  Has been married for 50 years to Sonja and has three children and eight grandchildren.