Summer Reading – Europe Week

The last full week of Summer Reading was lots of fun. We started out the week with Laurie Reimer reading a story to us in German.  It has been interesting to hear some of the different languages being spoken.  It’s amazing how many of Meade’s citizens are bilingual!

Laurie Reimer tells a story in the German language

On Wednesday, Will Friesen did his “Awesome Chemistry” demonstration.  It was exciting to see all the different colors and “explosions” he created just by mixing different chemicals.

Will Friesen’s Awesome Chemistry

For Lunch & Learn on Thursday we watched a program about the Navajo Code Talkers during World War II.  We were treated to Navajo Fry Bread to eat with our lunch.

Our Family Scavenger Hunt finished up this week also.  We had to extend it one extra day due to being closed for an afternoon because of the heat.  We had some busy families out there hunting down things from around the world!