Story Time

Story Time is this Wednesday (September 7) at 10:00 a.m.  Rhonda Donahue will be our guest story teller.  Make sure to bring your paint shirts.  We’re looking forward to having a good time!

Labor Day Closing

We will be closed on Saturday (September 3) and Monday (September 5) for the Labor Day Holiday Weekend.

TALK – Great Plains Spirit

The books are here for those who want to participate in this fall’s TALK sessions.  It promises to be a very interesting program.  The theme for this year’s TALK is Great Plains Spirit.  The books are:  Touching the Fire by Roger Welsch (September 10), Little House on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder (September 24), The Bones of Plenty by Lois Phillips Hudson (October 8 ) and Great Plains by Ian Frazier (October 22).

You can find out more informationon the TALK program by clicking on the link above.  Come in and pick up your books today!

Story Time

It’s time to sign up for Story Time at Meade Public Library.    We have an exciting year planned for the little ones.  Story Time will be held at 10:00 a.m. on the first and third Wednesday of each month (September thru April).  Each session will last about 45 minutes.

This year, we will be having volunteers come in to guide the story time sessions.  The volunteer will choose the theme for the day, the books and the activities.  It will be exciting to see what they have planned!

Our first Story Time will be on Wednesday, September 7, at 10:00 a.m.  Rhonda Donahue will be leading, and her chosen theme is “Footprints of Today, Leading to the Future.”  Children should wear “paint clothes” or old clothing for a fun painting project.

Children & Adults Complete Summer Reading

The following people successfully completed the Summer Reading Program at Meade Public Library.  Congratulations!!!

Pre-School thru Kindergarten
Harrison Bachman Samuel Lynn
Brandon Bird Vincent Lynn
Logan Bird Ashley Martin
Ashley Carpenter Abigail May
Josiah Carr Hannah May
Justice Carr Noah May
Hailey Collings Alexis Messalle
Laken Cook Justus Nordgren
Ethan Friesen Karis Nordgren
Liz Hawley Kiah Nordgren
Jace Jones Bethany Reimer
Lainey Jones Holly Reimer
Tate Jones Benn Schnelle
Levi Kane Sayler Stapleton
Tyson Klotz Taylor Stapleton
First & Second Grade
Grace Carr Brian Reimer
Korben Clawson Meagan Reimer
Emily Flowers Simeon Reimer
Melia Friesen Kela Schnelle
Deja Hash Leilani Schnelle
Zachary Hawley Timothy Sims
April Hough Grayden Stapleton
Andrew Martin Kiana Unruh
Giselle Mercado
Third & Fourth Grade
Tori Carpenter Nathaniel Reimer
Monica Gleason Roman Reimer
Kaleb Hough Elizabeth Robbins
Logan Kane Alley Grace Ross
Jillian Reimer Claire Segura
Jubal Reimer Leah Sims
Fifth Grade thru High School
Hayden Bachman Jasmyne Lahr
Kassi Cannon Javier Loewen
Nathan Carpenter José Loewen
Hannah Carr Abigail Orth
John Carr Rebecca Orth
Kayla Carr Israel Reimer
Gatlin Clawson Bailey Ross
Alexus Edwards Megan Sims
Taylor Finke Trinity Sims
Kristy Flowers Jarret Stapleton
Rebecca Friesen
Shirley Branson Brenda Pennington
Alan Feldman Tam Raynor
Sena Hough Cheryle Shelton
Sarah May Gen Smith
Kjell Nordgren Liberty Valance
Laressa Nordgren

Every participant (Pre-School thru Fourth Grade) guessed how many pieces of candy were in a jar when they completed the program.  We had a tie this year!  There were 86 pieces of candy in the jar.  Jace Jones and Taylor Stapleton each guessed 80.  They each got a jar of candy for a prize!

These teams each completed our Scavenger Hunt.  Each team received a board game for successfully finishing the four-week challenge.  The adult teams (Raynors, Sheltons) received Meade Chamber Bucks to spend at businesses in Meade.

The Kane Family:  Tisha and Logan
The Lynn Family:  Tony, Marcy, Vincent, Samuel and Laura
The May Family:  Caleb, Sarah, Hannah, Abigail and Noah
The Mercado Family:  Noemi, Crystal, Giselle and Adan
The Reimer Family:  Angie, Nathaniel, Brian, Holly and Bethany
The Sheltons:  Jack and Cheryle
The Raynors:  Chris and Tam


Summer Reading Prize Winners

Pre-School thru Kindergarten: 

My First Scooter (donated by AJ Electric) – Hannah May
Colorful Coat Racks – Samuel Lynn, Sayler Stapleton, Ethan Friesen
Big Coloring Books – Noah May, Vincent Lynn, Justus Nordgren
Ella Jenkins Songs CD (donated by Sunshine School) – Levi Kane
Safari Friends Wood Puzzle (donated by Sunshine School) – Bethany Reimer
10 Piece Mega Beach Tote (donated by Dollar General) – Benn Schnelle
Fun Bubbles Set (donated by Dollar General) – Liz Hawley
Treasure Chest – Justice Carr
Webkinz (donated by Bachman Drug) – Bradon Bird
Musical Instrument Set – Taylor Stapleton
Kids Accordion – Harrison Bachman

GRAND PRIZE – Fun Pool (donated by Dollar General) – Jace Jones

First & Second Grade:

Coloring Posters – April Hough, Brian Reimer, Grayden Stapleton
Lego Sets – Korben Clawson, Leilani Schnelle
Punch Ball Critters (donated by Alco) – Timothy Sims, Simeon Reimer, Melia Friesen
Treasure Chest – Zachary Hawley, Giselle Mercado
Webkinz (donated by Bachman Drug) – Grace Carr, Emily Flowers
Ludo Game – Kela Schnelle
Grape Licorice (donated by the Dusty Rose) – Cade Smith

Third & Fourth Grade:

Splash Rocket (donated by Dollar General) – Monica Gleason
Multi-Cultural Book Set (donated by Lisa Hogan/Usborne Books) – Logan Kane
Books – The Prince of Egypt and The Earth Book – Nathaniel Reimer
Wooden Puzzle – Jubal Reimer
Talking Globe (donated by Backroom Printing) – Leah Sims
Webkinz (donated by Bachman Drug) – Tori Carpenter
Silk Phoenix Kite – Kaleb Hough
Croquet Game (donated by BKM Electric) – Jillian Reimer
Green Apple Twists (donated by the Dusty Rose) – Roman Reimer

GRAND PRIZE (First thru Fourth) – Bicycle (donated by Meade State Bank) – Giselle Mercado

Fifth Grade thru High School:

Digital Video MP3 Player – José Loewen
$10 Certificate (donated by the Snappy Stop) – Rebecca Friesen
Mini Portable Radio – John Carr
$10 Certificate (donated by Bachman Drug) – Israel Reimer, Hannah Carr
Boat Kite – Trinity Sims
Horn Dragon Kite – Jarret Stapleton
Swedish Fish Candy – Hayden Bachman
$15 I-Tunes Card (donated by Farm Bureau) – Megan Sims
DVD Player – Kassi Cannon
Vivitar Camera – Kayla Carr (donated by Reimer Construction)
Treasure Chest – Nathan Carpenter
Blue Raspberry Candy Sticks (donated by the Dusty Rose) – Javier Loewen

GRAND PRIZE – Portable DVD Player – Abigail Orth

SUPER GRAND PRIZE – Large Tent (donated by Alco) – Jubal Reimer

Adult Prize Winners:

Sarah May – $20 Bachman Drug Certificate, Dundee Orange Marmalade
Cheryle Shelton – $20 Bachman Drug Certificate, Pure Butter Shortbread Triangles
Brenda Pennington – $50 Savings Bond from Fowler State Bank, Fantasia Imaging 40% Off Certificate
Laressa Nordgren – Blessings Unlimited Coffee Mug Set, Dark Chocolate Spread
Tam Raynor – $25 Certificate to Reflexions on the Sole, Wild Lingonberry Sauce
Shirley Branson – $25 Certificate to Reflexions on the Sole, Cooler & Mug Set
Liberty Valance – Blossoms & Gifts 25% Off Certificate, Double Devon Cream
Alan Feldman – Blossoms & Gifts 25% Off Certificate, Pure Butter Shortbread
Kjell Nordgren – Fantasia Imaging 40% Certificate, Scottish Strawberry Preserves
Gen Smith – Fantasia Imaging 40% Certificate, 7L Gardens 1/2 hour Massage
Sena Hough – Fantasia Imaging 40% Certificate, 7L Gardens 1/2 hour Massage


Summer Reading Finale

Dan, Dan the Magic Man was the featured performer for our finale program.  Well over 100 people were in attendance for a very fun evening of magic, prizes and ice cream! 

With the help of Hannah C., Dan the Magic Man performs a magic trick

José L. shows the prize he won in the drawings

We at Meade Public Library are so thankful to our Summer Reading sponsors.  They make the success of our summer program possible each and every year without fail.

Check back soon in this blog to see a complete listing of those who won prizes and completed the program.  It was an awesome year for Summer Reading!


Early Closing on Friday

We will close at 2 p.m. on Friday, July 8, so the staff can get everything ready for the evening program.  See the “Dan, Dan the Magic Man” post immediately following this to find out more details about the program.

Dan, Dan the Magic Man

Dan, Dan the Magic Man will be our featured performer at the final Summer Program program on Friday, July 8, at 7:00 p.m. here at the library.

Following the program will be our prize drawings and refreshments.  You won't want to miss out on all of the fun!!!


Final Week for Summer Reading

The last day for turning in books for credit is Wednesday, July 6, at 5 p.m.  Everyone who completes the program by this time receives a free t-shirt and is eligible for the prize drawings which will be held on Friday evening.

The final program is Friday, July 8, at 7 p.m.  Dan, Dan the Magic Man will perform his magical act for us.  He's always a favorite with the kids from Meade.  Following the program, we will have refreshments and the prize drawings.  We have a lot of prizes to give away, so don't miss out on all of the excitement!