Children & Adults Complete Summer Reading

The following people successfully completed the Summer Reading Program at Meade Public Library.  Congratulations!!!

Pre-School thru Kindergarten
Harrison Bachman Samuel Lynn
Brandon Bird Vincent Lynn
Logan Bird Ashley Martin
Ashley Carpenter Abigail May
Josiah Carr Hannah May
Justice Carr Noah May
Hailey Collings Alexis Messalle
Laken Cook Justus Nordgren
Ethan Friesen Karis Nordgren
Liz Hawley Kiah Nordgren
Jace Jones Bethany Reimer
Lainey Jones Holly Reimer
Tate Jones Benn Schnelle
Levi Kane Sayler Stapleton
Tyson Klotz Taylor Stapleton
First & Second Grade
Grace Carr Brian Reimer
Korben Clawson Meagan Reimer
Emily Flowers Simeon Reimer
Melia Friesen Kela Schnelle
Deja Hash Leilani Schnelle
Zachary Hawley Timothy Sims
April Hough Grayden Stapleton
Andrew Martin Kiana Unruh
Giselle Mercado
Third & Fourth Grade
Tori Carpenter Nathaniel Reimer
Monica Gleason Roman Reimer
Kaleb Hough Elizabeth Robbins
Logan Kane Alley Grace Ross
Jillian Reimer Claire Segura
Jubal Reimer Leah Sims
Fifth Grade thru High School
Hayden Bachman Jasmyne Lahr
Kassi Cannon Javier Loewen
Nathan Carpenter José Loewen
Hannah Carr Abigail Orth
John Carr Rebecca Orth
Kayla Carr Israel Reimer
Gatlin Clawson Bailey Ross
Alexus Edwards Megan Sims
Taylor Finke Trinity Sims
Kristy Flowers Jarret Stapleton
Rebecca Friesen
Shirley Branson Brenda Pennington
Alan Feldman Tam Raynor
Sena Hough Cheryle Shelton
Sarah May Gen Smith
Kjell Nordgren Liberty Valance
Laressa Nordgren

Every participant (Pre-School thru Fourth Grade) guessed how many pieces of candy were in a jar when they completed the program.  We had a tie this year!  There were 86 pieces of candy in the jar.  Jace Jones and Taylor Stapleton each guessed 80.  They each got a jar of candy for a prize!

These teams each completed our Scavenger Hunt.  Each team received a board game for successfully finishing the four-week challenge.  The adult teams (Raynors, Sheltons) received Meade Chamber Bucks to spend at businesses in Meade.

The Kane Family:  Tisha and Logan
The Lynn Family:  Tony, Marcy, Vincent, Samuel and Laura
The May Family:  Caleb, Sarah, Hannah, Abigail and Noah
The Mercado Family:  Noemi, Crystal, Giselle and Adan
The Reimer Family:  Angie, Nathaniel, Brian, Holly and Bethany
The Sheltons:  Jack and Cheryle
The Raynors:  Chris and Tam