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Unmask – Teen Program 2015

Marshela and unmaskKelli are excited about the “Unmask” Teen Program this year, and they hope you’ll join them on Tuesday mornings (June only) from 10:00 – 11:00 a.m.

June 9

We will make masks.
Make your own Super Hero symbol.  These symbols will help decorate the western wall (above the computers) of the library.
Who is your favorite Super Hero, and why?
Do something without looking for compliments or approval before our next session.
Share with the group.

June 16

Write a Super Hero story in comic form and be ready to share it with the group.
What Super Hero power would you choose?

June 23

Talk about people who are heroes in our life (doctors, nurses, firefighters, police, veterans, animals, parents, etc.)
We will write on the Super Hero wall in the library.

June 30

We will have a Super Hero scavenger hunt in the library.  We’ll find our heroes in books, pictures and people.
For a finale, we will have a pizza party.

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