Jul 21

Summer Reading Prize Winners

Following is a list of all the prize winners for the 2015 Summer Reading Program.  Everyone had to complete the requirements to be eligible to win.

2015 Prize Drawings – Summer Reading Program


Pre-School thru Kindergarten

Princess Melody Play Castle
(donated by Fowler State Bank)
Ada May
Princess Kite  Ava Tacha
Sofia the First Figurine and Necklace Aveta Vieux
Sand Pail and Baseball Bat James May
Jake the Pirate Kite  and Handkerchief Brax Jones
Darth Vader Slippers and Pillow Chase Powell
Minnie Bow-Tastic Stylin’ Set Tessa Eason
Minnie Mouse Bow-Tique Puzzle Teghan Rosendahl
White Puppy Stuffed Animal Kinslee Lewis
Polar Bear Stuffed Animal and Book David Enns
Minions Action Figure Kemper Flavin
Doc McStuffins Cell Phone Laura Lynn
Colorful Giraffe Stuffed Animal
(donated by the Dusty Rose)
Kellie Miller
Camouflage Stuffed Dog
(donated by the Dusty Rose)
Ryle Jones
Travel Doodling & Coloring Book
(donated by Lisa Hogan-Usborne Books)
Chet Powell
GRAND PRIZE:  (donated by AJ Electric)
Radio Flyer Twist & Wiggle
Laura Lynn

1st Grade thru 2nd Grade

Princess Power Mask and Pizza Hut Coupon Taylor Stapleton
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Keychain Ryker Vieux
Avengers Assemble Puzzle C. J. Flavin
Spiderman Tent
(donated by Fowler State Bank)
Samuel Lynn
Play-Doh 24 Pack Rachelle Neely
Heroes Sticker Dressing Book
(donated by Selah Violin Academy)
Arianna Galloway
Sidewalk Chalk Abby May
Bug Kit Bethany Reimer
GRAND PRIZE:  (donated by Meade State Bank)
C. J. Flavin

3rd thru 4th Grade

Avengers Pack Tayte Flavin
Spider Man Kite and Star Wars Model Kit Benn Schnelle
Lego Super Heroes
(donated by Brenda Pennington-Sunshine School)
Holly Reimer
Avengers Ultimate Factivity Collection Sticker Book
(donated by BKM Electric)
Isaac Bowen
5 Minute Marvel Stories
(donated by BKM Electric)
Bradon Bird
Sport Quad Remote Control Car
(donated by Ace Hardware)
Liz Hawley


Vincent Lynn
Playing Cards, Magnet and Book Mark and Pizza Hut Coupon Kynlee Flavin
50 Travel Games and Activities
(donated by Lisa Hogan-Usborne Books)
Jace Jones
GRAND PRIZE:   (donated by Backroom Printing)
Interactive Globe
Tayte Flavin

5th thru 12th

Stuffed Animal Buffalo
(donated by the Dusty Rose)
Brian Reimer
Lunch Bag
(donated by Cheryle Shelton)
Trudy Jantz
Selfie Shutter Stick April Hough
Loteria Game
(donated by Bobbie Allison)
Trinity Sims
Star Wars Ceramic Goblet Set Leah Sims
Portable Cell Phone Charger Zachary Hawley
Pizza Hut Coupon Lily Ritter
Pizza Hut Coupon Kela Schnelle
Pizza Hut Coupon Alan Blatz
Pizza Hut Coupon Tori Carpenter
Pizza Hut Coupon Ronald Blatz
Playing Cards, Magnet and Book Mark and Pizza Hut Coupon Kaleb Hough
Free Buffalo T-Shirt
(donated by T54 Screen Printing)
Kasey Holler
Two-person Tent Timothy Sims
Superman Lanyard and Magnet Nathaniel Reimer
Portable DVD Player
Kasey Holler


SUPER GRAND PRIZE:  (donated by Meade Co-op)
Five-person tent
Chase Powell
Batman Poster Timothy Sims
Avengers Poster Teghan Rosendahl
Captain America Wall Hanging Bradon Bird
Large Superman Wall Hanging Addison Tacha
Small Superman Wall Hanging Jace Jones


$20 Gift Certificates
(donated by Bachman Drug)
Gen Smith
Deloris Loewen
$10 Gift Certificates
(donated by the Snappy Stop)
Liberty Valance
Cheryle Shelton
Deb Holler
$25 Gift Certificate
(donated by Cancun Mexican Grill)
Laura Sims
Free Reflexology Treatment
(donated by Reflexions on the Sole)
Wanda Journagen
Carolyn Meredith
Sarah May
Sena Hough
Legend Shave
(donated by Pure Romance by LaTonya)
Ryan Neely
Free Reflexology Treatment (donated by Reflexions on the Sole) and Body Dew (donated by Pure Romance by LaTonya) Brenda Pennington
Love Story Excape and Splash
(donated by Pure Romance by LaTonya)
Shawna Neely
Lunch Bag, Black Bag and Magnet Raymond Rodriguez
Shampoo and Conditioner
(donated by Unique Effects)
Beverly Campbell

All participants who did not receive a prize in the drawings were able to choose a gift from the prize table.

Jul 13

Completes Summer Reading Requirements

Following is a list of all the people who completed their 2015 Summer Reading requirements.  Congratulations to these Reading Super Heroes!


Pre-School thru Kindergarten
Logan Bird Noah May
Addison Bobo Kellie Miller
Tessa Eason Chase Powell
David Enns Chet Powell
Kemper Flavin Bailey Pippitt
Joey Hicks Wyatt Pippitt
Brax Jones Ana Joy Ritter
Ryle Jones Nathan Ritter
Tate Jones Titus Ritter
Kinslee Lewis Teghan Rosendahl
Pace Lewis Addison Tacha
Laura Lynn Ava Tacha
Ada May Trey Thornton
James May Aveta Vieux

1st and 2nd Grade
C. J. Flavin Rachelle Neely
Arianna Galloway Bethany Reimer
Khyia Hubin Jevin Smith
Lainey Jones Taylor Stapleton
Samuel Lynn Ryker Vieux
Abby May

3rd and 4th Grade
Bradon Bird Vincent Lynn
Isaac Bowen Hannah May
Ashley Carpenter James Neely
Kynlee Flavin Charity Powell
Tayte Flavin Holly Reimer
Jace Jones Benn Schnelle
Liz Hawley

5th thru 12th Grade
Susie Beachy Trudy Jantz
Alan Blatz Brian Reimer
Ronald Blatz Nathaniel Reimer
Tori Carpenter Lily Ritter
Monica Gleason Kela Schnelle
Michala Goff Leah Sims
Zachary Hawley Megan Sims
Kasey Holler Timothy Sims
April Hough Trinity Sims
Kaleb Hough

Beverly Campbell Ryan Neely
Mae Frederick Shawna Neely
Deb Holler Brenda Pennington
Sena Hough Raymond Rodriguez
Wanda Journagan Cheryle Shelton
Deloris Loewen Laura Sims
Sarah May Gen Smith
Carolyn Meredith Liberty Valance

Jul 09

Summer Reading – Final Program

We will close the library on Friday, July 10, at 3:00 p.m. to prepare for the Summer Reading Final Program.  We will re-open at 5:30 p.m.

What a fun summer it’s been as we’ve celebrated Super Heroes.  We’ve found out that Superman and Wonder Woman aren’t the only ones that carry this title.  Super Heroes come in many forms:  doctors, teachers, soldiers, emergency workers, animals, and the list goes on.

We have had 70 youth and 15 adults complete the program this year.  We will have a list of these participants in a few days.  They are to be congratulated for working hard to accomplish their reading goals this summer!

Our final program will be on Friday, July 10, at 6:00 p.m.  The main program will feature a Living History presentation “Deborah Samson:  Soldier of the American Revolution.”  Deborah Samson disguised herself as a man in order to serve in the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War.  She fought in several battles, was wounded and even treated her own wounds.  She will be portrayed by Anna Smith of Carbondale, Kansas.  Click here to find out more about the program:  http://www.historicperformance.com/samson.htm

The prize drawings will follow the program.  You must have finished the program and be present to win.  Refreshments will follow the prize drawings.

Jul 09

Summer Reading Sponsors

We are thankful for the many businesses and individuals who sponsor the Summer Reading Program at Meade Public Library.  They truly help to make our program a success every summer, and we encourage you to patronize their businesses.  Following is a list who donated for the 2015 Summer Reading Program:

Ace Hardware          AJ Electric          Bachman Drug          Backroom Printing          BKM Electric
Bob’s Drive-In          Bobbie Allison          Cancun Mexican Grill          Cheryle Shelton
Dalton Gang Hideout & Museum          Dusty Rose          Fowler State Bank          Lisa Hogan – Usborne Books
Meade Co-op          Meade Recreation Commission          Meade State Bank          Meade Thriftway
Pizza Hut          Pure Romance by LaTonya          Reflexions on the Sole          Reimer Construction
Selah Violin Academy          Smoke Hoss          Snappy Stop          Sunshine School
T54 Screen Printing           Unique Effects Salon

Jul 05

Summer Reading – Final Week

heroCan you believe we are in the final week of Summer Reading?  We’ve had quite a few finishers and will certainly have many more this week.

July 6 (Monday) 10:00 a.m.:  Family Story Time – We will learn about and taste some Super Foods.

July 8 (Wednesday):  This is the final day to count books for the Summer Reading Program.  Books must be turned in by 5:00 p.m. on this day in order to count.

July 11 (Friday)  6:00 p.m.:  This is our final program and prize drawing night.  The program will start at 6:00 and will feature a Living History presentation “Deborah Samson:  Soldier of the American Revolution.”  She will be portrayed by Anna Smith of Carbondale, Kansas.  The prize drawings will follow the program.  You must have finished the program and be present to win.  Refreshments will follow the prize drawings.  Click here to find out more about the program:  http://www.historicperformance.com/samson.htm


Jul 02

Independence Day Closing

We will be closed on Friday and Saturday (July 3 and 4) in observance of Independence Day.  We
will be open during regular business hours on Monday.  Enjoy your weekend, then join us for the final week of Summer Reading!

Do you want to find out a little more about July 4 – Independence Day?  Just click on the following link to find out why July 4 is the day chosen and how and when it became a national holiday.

Jun 29

Summer Reading – Week 5

heroThe summer has been going fast!  It’s hard to believe we’re in the last two weeks of the Summer Reading Program.  Here’s what’s coming up this week at the library–programs begin at 10:00 a.m. unless otherwise noted:

June 29 (Monday) : Meade County EMT’s and Firefighters will speak about their jobs and let you take a look inside the ambulance and fire truck.

June 30 (Tuesday):   For the Teen Program, we will have a Super Hero Scavenger Hunt in the library.  We hope you’ll join Marshela, Kelli and Joy for the finale of the “Unmasked” Teen Program.

July 1 (Wednesday):   Our Honey Tasting Party is back.  This will be taking place all day long (from 10:00 to 4:00).  We have a wide selection of honey varieties for you to try.  See what the difference is between Dandelion Honey and Clover Honey.  This is for all ages, but we do ask that the younger ones have an adult or older child present to help them.

July 2 (Thursday):   The Lee Richardson Zoo of Garden City will be presenting a program on Super Animals.  Join us for the fun.

Jun 21

Summer Reading – Week 4

heroHere’s what’s coming up this week at the library:

June 22 (Monday):  At 10:30, Super Why from PBS will visit us for Family Story Time.  Take note that this program is at 10:30, and not 10:00.

What is Super Why?  Four fairytale friends go on magical adventures and become reading-powered superheroes. The characters live in Storybook Village, which is accessible through a panel
that is represented by an invisible questionmark. Preschool children follow the Super Readers as they jump into books that come to life.

June 23 (Tuesday):   For the Teen Program, we will discuss people who are
heroes in our life (doctors, nurses, firefighters, police, veterans, animals, parents, etc.)  We will write on the Super Hero wall in the library.

June 24 (Wednesday):  High School age thru Adults, join us at noon for our Taco Bar.   At 1:00, we will watch the rest of the Louis Zamperini story.  Click on the Summer Reading-Adult Program link above to find out more about Wednesday’s program.  Please call the library (873-2522) to make a reservation to make sure we order enough pizza.

June 25 (Thursday):  “Unmask Your Inner Hero” with LaTonya Carroll-Hampshire.  This promises to be a great program–we know LaTonya has been meeting up with a few Super Heroes.

June 26 (Friday):  Movie Matinee at 3:00 – We will be watching a movie about a man who shrinks his kids with his electromagnic shrinking machine then accidentally throws them out into the backyard with the trash, where they must venture into their backyard to return home while fending off insects and other obstacles.

Jun 14

Summer Reading Program – Week 3

heroWe’ve been having lots of fun at the library with our Super Hero Summer Reading Program.  The teens have enjoyed winning the drawings with prizes from Pizza Hut, Smoke Hoss, Bob’s and the Dalton Gang Hideout.  And, we’ve already had our first “finisher” for the program.

Here’s what’s coming up this week at the library:

June 15 (Monday):  At 10:00, the Police K-9 unit will join us for Family Story Time.  “Galla” will demonstrate some of her crime fighting skills.

June 16 (Tuesday):  The Teen Program participants are to come ready to share the Super Hero story that they have written — and share what Super Hero power they would choose if they could have one.  Join the teens at 10:00.

June 17 (Wednesday):  High School age thru Adults, join us at noon for a pizza lunch.   At 1:00, we will watch a movie about Louis Zamperini who, during World War II, was shot down in his plane and survived 47 days on a raft before being taken prisoner by the Japanese.  Please call the library (873-2522) to make a reservation to make sure we order enough pizza.

June 18 (Thursday):  Craft Day — 10:00 – Make a gift for your Super Dad for Father’s Day.

June 19 (Friday):  Movie Matinee at 3:00 – We will be watching a movie about goblins, elves, fairies and imps, and their misadventures sparked by the battle over a powerful potion.  Popcorn and lemonade provided.  Bring a pillow.

Jun 08

Summer Reading – Week 2

heroWe had a great time last week with Summer Reading, and now we’re ready for Week 2.

June 8 (Monday) — At 10:00 a.m., we will be having Family Story Time with Super Hero Matt Trujillo, a Park Ranger at Meade State Lake.

June 9 (Tuesday) — We invite everyone in Grades 5-12 to join Marshela and Kelli for the Teen Program:  Unmask!  We will be making our own masks to decorate the library.  Click on the Summer Reading link to find out more of what we’ll be doing today and for the rest of the month.

June 11 (Thursday) — The Mad Scientist will visit Meade Public Library again.  This is a spectacular science-themed show that is designed to amaze and entertain young audiences.  This summer, will  we discover and celebrate many of the extraordinary superhuman abilities of some of our favorite superheroes and the energies they use to make these work. Mad Science brings the mystery and the awe of their heroic actions into light in an exciting and fun way. How do they do it?  Science makes these superhuman acts and abilities all conceivable.

June 12 (Friday) — Friday Movie Matinee begins at 3:00 p.m.  We will be watching a movie about an incredible family of Super Heroes.


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